Kitchen Bath & Stone

If you choose to work with Kitchen Bath & Stone, you’ll have a smooth and productive design process:

1. The First Meeting

As part of your initial consultation with Kitchen Bath & Stone, we will talk about your preferred style in design and décor, the available space, your goals for the room in terms of storage and organization, your budget, and much more.

2.  Plan the layout by taking measurements.

To ensure that your new cabinets fit perfectly, Kitchen Bath & Stone will measure the whole area. When helping you design your cabinets, we’ll also consider appliance size.

3.  Models and Animations of Designs

Many designers struggle with doubts as they try to imagine what the final product will look like. Kitchen Bath & Stone creates accurate scale digital mockups of your finished room, cabinets, appliances, and more. This will help you see the finished product and make informed decisions about the layout and design of your area.

4. Shipping and Setup

Kitchen Bath & Stone’s professional installers will properly install and hang your cabinets, and their delivery team will carry them to your home in a safe and secure manner.

5. Review with the Client as a Whole

After we have fitted your new cabinets, we will go through the entire process with you to ensure you are happy with everything.